Courageous Leadership

Courageous Leadership


“We need to reconnect with our inner courage so we can reach our full potential.”

Hacia Atherton, CPA Speaker

Hacia Atherton, CPA Speaker

Recognized by The NYC Journal as one of the Top 30 Women Disruptors To Look Out For In 2021 and the Distrupors magazine as one of the Top 30 Inspiring Women To Look Out For In 2022, Hacia inspires audiences through her own experience as a woman having to battle and overcome her own lack of self-belief, Hacia has become a passionate advocate for others to challenge the status quo and to believe in themselves even when the odds are against them.

She is an inspiring reminder to everyone everywhere that we have every resource we need within us, and even in the toughest of circumstances, our resilience and ability to adapt will enable us to overcome any challenge in our way.

As an entrepreneurial trail-blazer in courageous leadership, Hacia is dedicated to transforming corporate management to embody vulnerability, compassion, and empathy as part of the new paradigm for dynamic industry leaders. Passionate about Positive Psychology, she empowers leaders to expand their remarkable potential, while creating psychologically safe and thriving workplaces for all.

Hacia motivates audiences to triumph over life’s challenges through her Courage Coaching and Speaking. As Founding Director of Empowered Women in Trades, she’s revolutionizing how trade-based industries in Australia attract, support, and retain female careers within skilled trades. Hacia’s transformational ideology was developed after she sustained crushing injuries in a life-threatening equestrian accident. Being told she may never walk again in any meaningful way, she realized that success is a relative concept, which must constantly be redefined, and that advancement in life is primarily based on one’s ability to implement incremental goals, which, when achieved, aggregate into forward-propelling milestones.

Hacia’s Workshops


“Hacia is one of those rare leaders capable of inspiring a movement. As a Professional Speaker, she takes audiences on an emotional rollercoaster of a journey, sharing her story along with the incredibly valuable strategic framework behind her recovery. As a Coach, she has an innate ability to create a psychologically safe environment to challenge thinking that leads to faster breakthroughs. 10 minutes with her unlocked new thinking for me that helped to refine my go-to-market processes. As business evolves to be more human-centric, I highly recommend booking her for your next corporate event or engaging her as a coach to improve team performance.”

“We had Hacia as a guest speaker for our 3rd annual Girls With Hammers conference and she was amazing. Her story of courage and resilience had everybody on the edge of their seats, as well as turning on the tears and laughter in our audience. Hacia was well presented, professional, and had a first-class slide deck to accompany her talk. Hacia was super easy to deal with and extremely reliable. Highly recommended!”

Keynote Speaking Topics

Hacia has 3 keynote speaking topics however she is passionate about her message and is able to tailor talks to meet your organisations needs. Please contact us to discuss.

Courageous Leadership Empowered by Empathy

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How Hacia in the wake of humility, connected with her inner courage. She developed a strong relationship to herself to leverage her daily battle with pain into an innovative strategy to teach herself to become a better corporate leader.

  • Pain (physical, emotional or mental) is a useful toolto strengthen your resilience muscle and how to integrate courage to overcome adversity
    and setbacks
  • Have the courage to get comfortable with discomfort as this is where progress is achieved
  • Courageous leadership requires the ability to adapt and be flexible with goals and milestones with humbleness that can inspire others along the way.
  • Courage learned through hardship facilitates innovation as it requires one to think outside the box to access an alternative route and develop active empathy strategies.
  • Being creative with opportunities can enhance your professional expectations and develop stronger trust with your teams as they feel they can courageously express their ideas

Adapting to Adversity & Redefining Success

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How Hacia’s journey and dynamic leadership inspires audiences with her journey of overcoming adversity to achieve her goals. She demonstrates the power of a positive mindset and shows that success is determined by how you deal with life’s setbacks.

  • The power of a connection with your inner courage and how to use this to be an adaptable leader and inspire others.
  • How to live with adaptive and positive mindset; how to use it to motivate yourself through adversity and navigate pathways towards success
  • Having the courage to find and embrace opportunities in your darkest moments
  • Overwhelm can be neutralised by implementing a ‘game plan’ to break big goals into achievable ‘one step at a time’ goals
  • Be adaptable and make sure goals fit current circumstances while still being bold enough to inspire growth

Progress Over Perfection As a Pathway to Success

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How Hacia’s unwavering commitment to her mantra of ‘can do, will do’ empowered her to beat the odds and taught herself to walk again (and in heels!) through redefining her own version of success.

  • Failure is not a fait accompli;  you only fail when you cease to try
  • Success is subjective; define what it means to you and be fearless in your
    pursuit of it
  • Celebrate progress rather than striving for perfection; each milestone achieved deserves a reward no matter how small
  • Refuse to accept external limitations and always question the status quo
  • A goal is an impractical dream without a strategy to achieve it.
  • Develop and implement a strategy which is aligned with your definition of success.

Success is relative. Define your own version and be fearless in your pursuit of it.

– Hacia atherton

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