The key to effective leadership is having the
courage to be vulnerable and communicate
with empathy


Leaders are often under constant pressure to perform. They feel the need to be in control at all times and push themselves harder than ever before.

However, this can often lead us into a state of unhealthy stress where our relationships with others suffer as well as our creativity and performance. This can lead to dysfunctional teams and eventually a toxic working environment for all.

If you want to become a more effective leader of self and teams then it’s time that you started leading from your heart rather than your head. This takes courage because when we lead from the heart, we are vulnerable which means that there is always risk involved when following this path but also great rewards!

These Workshops Focus On:

The Courageous Leadership course will teach you how to connect with yourself and team by communicating with empathy. You will also learn about powerful mindfulness exercises so that when faced by challenging situations, you’ll have the strength within yourself not only to overcome them but also inspire those around you along the way.

Gaining invaluable insight on
how to produce peak performance in
yourself and others

Understanding your
courageous strength
& purpose

Strategies to supercharge your motivation
and how to motivate
others around you

Establish a ‘Success mindset’
and build your reliance in
challenging times

We are constantly being asked to do more with less. As technology starts to play an increasingly larger role in our daily lives we need to lean into our human strengths. It is important for leaders to lead with vulnerability, curiosity, and courage as these are the elements of deep connection with others and ourselves.

Courageous leadership will spark creativity and curiosity among your team members which creates an environment where your team will feel confident enough to achieve their remarkable potential and push your organization to new highs.

Hacia is a trail-blazer in courageous leadership with The NYC Journal recognizing her as one of the Top 30 Women Disruptors To Look Out For In 2021 and the Distrupors magazine as one of the Top 30 Inspiring Women To Look Out For In 2022. She is dedicated to transforming corporate management to embody vulnerability, compassion, and empathy as part of the new paradigm for dynamic industry leaders. Passionate about Positive Psychology, she empowers leaders to expand their remarkable potential, while creating psychologically safe and thriving workplaces for all.

Hacia draws on her personal and professional experience to deliver highly engaging and inspirational workshops that meet your organization and team’s needs. She combines her personal journey of courageous leadership of turning trauma into triumph after her horse accident with break-out sessions where participants will work through activities designed to inspire motivation, boost internal courage and establish strong self-leadership skills.

It’s time for a change in the way we lead our organizations. We need courageous leaders who can inspire their teams to greatness by leading from within themselves first.

– Hacia Atherton

Courageous Leadership


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The real cost of a lack of courageous leadership is dysfunctional working patterns that demotivate individuals, compromise team effectiveness, and put a hand brake on organizational success.

However, changing your leadership style or culture is never easy and doesn’t happen overnight. Effective change is deeply rooted in our mindset, if you tell yourself it will be hard then is will most defiantly feel impossible! However, we have been embracing change all our lives and we are able to win the battle between present you resisting change and future you embracing change. The key is to build out a strategy to become the future you rather than tinkering with the changing present you.

Hacia will develop ongoing leadership coaching programs that meet your organization’s needs and teaches your employees how to spark curious thinking and ignite their inner courage. Her programs develop the mindset and capability of your emerging and existing leaders so they can step into their courageous selves and lead with vulnerability, empathy, and compassion.

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