Career Booster Course

Are you uncertain about what your next career step should be?

Do you have an ambitious career goal, but you are letting fear and self-doubt stand in your way of success?

Having the courage to overcome self doubts and blindspots surrounding career development is what will empower you to define where you want to go with your career and develop strategies to turn these goals into reality!

A remarkable career is waiting for you, now it’s time to invest in yourself so you can find the courage to achieve your full potential.

Who is this course for?

Who is this course for?

In the 21st century, professional networks and career development is a valuable asset to overcoming roadblocks to success and growing your career confidence. We often believe it is easier to do it alone, but the reality is, success is always pathed with small steps and support along the way. Clarity with professional development will make it easier to achieve long term success.

This course is designed for:

  • Emerging leaders who are searching for clarity in their career path
  • Those wanting to find the courage to unlock their remarkable potential
  • Those wanting to overcome fear, self-doubt and self-sabotage so they can pursue their career dreams

Why the Courageous Career Booster course?

This course supports you to find your courageous purpose which becomes the foundation on which to build your authentic
& courageous leadership style so that you can achieve career success. You will gain clarity on your career direction whilst developing a strategy to achieve your remarkable full potential

The questions this course will allow you to answer:

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How do I find the courage to take the next step in my career

What is my authentic leadership style

What is my authentic
leadership style

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How to lead
without a title

How the program is structured

Hacia is a certified NLP Practitioner who delivers this course 1:1 in a hybrid model of online and face to face sessions, however, can be tailored to online only if needed. It is a 4 week program that covers.

Week 1


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In the first hour of your coaching session, you will establish what your courageous career goals are and discuss any preparation work Hacia needs for the next session.

At that time, she’ll also ask about any roadblocks to achieving those dreams so they can be overcome in future sessions together.

Week 2

Courageous Purpose

Courageous Purpose

A two hour 1:1 session (preferably face to face) that will cover:

  • Finding your courageous purpose, what is the core passion that drives your decisions and actions in life.
  • Developing your courage statement, this is a short but powerful sentence that summaries your courageous purpose and will become your guiding north star.

Week 3

Discover YOU!

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A two hour 1:1 session (online or face to face) that will cover:

  • Personal branding session that discovers your core values, authentic self, and leadership style.
  • Uncover Primary question which is subconscious questions we continually ask ourselves and create the foundation for all that we do.
  • Uncover any self-sabotaging behaviors that are preventing you from achieving your potential

Week 4

Build the Plan!

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A two hour 1:1 session (online or face to face) that will cover:

  • Establish your career goals (short, medium and long terms) that reflect your remarkable full potential .
  • Develop a strategy to achieve your goals.

After week 4 there will be 2 x 15 minute accountability online calls with Hacia

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